About JaShashin.com

As JaShashin.com, we try to provide an easy way to browse Instagram. We use only public data and respect privacy of social media users. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any social media platforms.

How can we gather data?

We're gathering and publishing only public data from Instagram. We're NOT keeping any data on our database. If you'd like to remove your own content please read below.

How do I get my own content removed?

As JaShashin.com we only publish publicly shared contents. If you want to remove your own images or photos completely on internet(not just JaShashin.com, also other web viewers and search engines like google), please open related app (Instagram in this case) which contains your content to be removed) and set your profile to private, this way it will become hidden and not accesible by anyone on internet.

If you want to remove it only on JaShashin.com, please send us an e-mail (Please type subject as:" JaShashin.com - Remove Request "). And also include the link to be removed). We'll remove it as soon as possible.


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