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New years resolution - To be able to read this book to my daughter without becoming a blubbering mess ❤ . . . . . I purchased this book as part of my daughters 1st birthday present after reading great reviews on it online. I knew I needed it in her collection! At 2 and half years old her bookcase is literally heaving with books that I loved reading as a child. We keep her books accessible so she can grab whatever she wants to read which has paid off in spades! Shes a avid book reader and has memorised some of her favourite books already. Some Day in short is a mothers hopes and dreams for her daughter, it follows the journey of her baby growing and becoming a mother herself. It is really a soul touching read and deeply sentimental. I seriously cannot read this book without being in floods of tears at the end of it...I literally cried and cried....tears of joy...it is a beautiful book with soft illustrations that truly remind you to live in the moment and enjoy each day with your baby because in a blink of an eye that little baby wont remain so little, something all us parents know too well. Is there a book that holds a sentimental place in your heart? ‍‍

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My 12 year old just bought this dress! I’m grieving. In mourning for that crazy little Dora looking, question asking, nose picking, bum scratching munchkin who was my babe and is now my preteen. #daughter #daughter love #preteen #mylove

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