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Chapter Thirteen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Annie’s POV *lunch time, monday* Ka: So did you guys...? A: ... yes. Ka: Aww you guys are goals!! A: It was soo romantic. We were watching Love Actually and then we started kissing and- Ka: Yep, got it! A: *laughs* Sorry. Someone came up behind me and put their hands over my eyes. ???: Guess who! I turned around to see someone I almost didn’t recognise. A: Brennan!!! I immediately gave him a hug and saw Hayden walk into the cafeteria. A: I haven’t seen you for so long!! I gave him another hug. H: Who’s this? A: An old friend from Maryland. This is Brennan! H: Hi.. I’m Hayden. Brennan sat down next to me and Hayden went around and sat with Katie. Hayden’s POV I liked meeting Annie’s friends and seeing how happy they made her, but for some reason seeing her and Brennan made me jealous. She laughed at everything he said. At one point I think she touched his hand. A: You should both come over for dinner tonight! Caleb would love to see his best friend again. *at the LeBlanc’s house* Annie’s POV Someone knocked on the door and I ran down to answer it. A: Caleb! Someone’s here for you! C: Who is it- Brennan!! B: Hey man! C: Come inside lets catch up. Ka: No worries Mom, Dad, Ryan and I will just bring the food in! Katie shouted from the car. I laughed and went to help them with what they bought over. Hayden’s POV I saw Brennan walk in the LeBlanc’s house and Annie go help his family with stuff from the car. I wanted to go over there but it looked like they were having some sort of reunion between their two families. TS (Tisha [hayden’s mom]): Hayden, c’mon time for dinner. I went inside and hoped to hear about this situation at school. Annie’s POV I called Hayley down to eat and all ten of us sat at the table. I sat next to Brennan and Katie. Our families were great together ‘cause we all had our little pairs. My dad and Katie’s dad, my mom and Katie’s mom, Brennan and Caleb, Ryan and Hayley then Katie and I. We already started planning another group holiday. At dinner we talked about where we all wanted to go, in what order and for how long. mic⤵️

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i’m actually crying bc this is so funny and she’s so little right here wowow ❤️ not #hannie related by deleting tomorrow hahah @kenzieziegler

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Chapter 17 Kenzie’s POV: I sat in the chair and cried for hours. I ended up falling asleep. I woke up to Lauren shaking me L: KENZIE!! K: W-what *rubs eyes* L: It’s Johnny K: Is he ok *jumps up* I walked into to find Johnny breathing normally. He wasn’t awake but he was stable. K: Lauren, could I have a moment? L: Of course Lauren walked out and I walked up to Johnny and held his hand K: Please wake up soon. We need you, I need you Johnny’s POV: I felt really weird. I couldn’t open my eyes or move. I could hear Kenzie’s voice. It was comforting K: Please wake up soon. We need you, I need you I could feel her holding my hand. I used every muscle in my body to try and squeeze her hand to let her know I can hear her. Slowly my eyes began to open J: K-kenz? K: Johnny! She jumped up and hugged me. I hugged her back. Her being in my arms just felt so right. J: What happened? K: You were shot Then all the memories came flooding back. Mark shot me. He is going to pay L: JOHNNY!! J: Hey Lolo K: Hey only I can call her that *laughs* God her laugh was so cute. K: Lolo, what did Hayden say to you earlier? J: H-hayden? L: Oh nothing J: Kenz can you get me some water? K: Sure She walked out and I looked straight at Lauren J: What was Hayden doing here? L: He didn’t get to say much but he said he isn’t working for Mark anymore J: How do we know that? L: I don’t know but he did seem pretty honest. I don’t know he just looked really sorry. J: Do not believe anything he says K: Here *hands Johnny water* I don’t care if Hayden isn’t working for Mark anymore. He hurt me and Lauren and nearly hurt Kenzie. I honestly am still scared that Mark will shoot me again. The doctors said I am lucky to be alive. As soon as I get out of hospital I am going to beat the crap out of Mark. Kenzie’s POV: It’s been a while but I really want to know what Johnny meant when he said all of this was my fault and that Hayden was working with Mark. I was about to walk in and talk to Johnny but I was stopped by Hayden H: Kenzie, I’m sorry for everything. I know I haven’t treated you right but that is going to change. I love you Mackenzie Ziegler and I hope you still feel the same way MORE BELOW

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Happy Birthday Billy Bob!! - @officiallydadtayley @annieleblanc #hannie

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Sweet Pea Floam Smells just like sweet pea from bath and body works Comment below a slime we should make and we will do our best to make it! ⬇️ First commenT gets a story shoutout! #slime #slime y #oddlysatisfying #diy #asmr #slime store #foodslime #hannie #bratayley #fun #bathandbodyworks #yum

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Hayden’s in Maryland! (Annie’s hometown) from Hayden’s snapchat. #hannie #hannie updatesbyus @haydensummerall @annieleblanc

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Chapter 16 Kenzie’s POV: Its been a few days now and Johnny hasn’t woken up. I haven’t left the hospital once. I know he will wake up, I just know it. I gave Lauren and Mer a chance to see him. Dale has woken up but can’t leave yet. I was sitting in the waiting room when Hayden came up to me H: Hey K: Uh hi-i H: I’m really sorry about what I did K: Why did you tell Dylan that you were at your girlfriend Lauren’s house? I’m your girlfriend well I was H: U-h I-I L: Hay-yden-n? K: Is everything ok Lolo? L: Uh yeah-h H: Lauren can I talk to you? L: U-h-h ok? Why did Hayden want to talk to Lauren? Things are getting fishy. Hayden’s POV: I gave Kenzie a few days before I went to see her. I walked into the hospital and found her sitting in the waiting room crying. H: Hey K: Uh hi-i H: I’m really sorry about what I did K: Why did you tell Dylan that you were at your girlfriend Lauren’s house? I’m your girlfriend well I was Kenzie doesn’t know about the whole Lauren and Johnny thing? I’m gonna have to tell her somehow. H: U-h I-I L: Hay-yden-n? K: Is everything ok Lolo? L: Uh yeah-h H: Lauren can I talk to you? L: U-h-h ok? I wanted to explain to Lauren that I’m not working with Mark and that I’ve changed. H: Please just listen to me L: Why should I you’re probably about to punch me H: I’m not working with Mark anymore L: Why should I believe you? As Lauren spoke I suddenly heard an alarm go off and a bunch of doctors came rushing past into Johnny’s room. L: I’ve got to go Lauren ran off into johnny’s room but the doctors told her to leave. Kenzie and Lauren came out crying. I went up to Kenzie to hug her and comfort her but Lauren screamed at me L: LEAVE! *yells* I wasn’t going to argue so I left. I’ll come back later Kenzie’s POV: An alarm went off and a bunch of doctors and nurses ran into Johnny’s room. Lauren and I ran in to see if he was ok. Dr: You’ll need to leave, sorry L: B-but K: Is he going to be ok Dr: *shrugs shoulders* We sat out in the waiting room and Hayden came up to hug me but Lauren yelled at him L: LEAVE! *yells* He walked off and Lauren sat on the floor with her head in her knees and cried. I sat on the chair as tears MORE BELOW

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