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After Saturday night, @bacon_brothers_co knows the goods at @littlehigheatery // Little High 12 days of Christmas //

12/17/2017 3:30:55 AM 1
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@okatshe you forever have my heart. Hands down on of the best restaurant with some of the greatest food and service I have ever had

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oui, oui, ill take a drink ⋯ mohaveghostvintage.com.au

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Só porque eu super amei meus cachos que finalmente acertei!! O que vocês acharam? ❤️

12/17/2017 3:29:10 AM 1
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As #skincare addicts, I'm sure we've all experienced a point where you get a bit overwhelmed by your exploding stash and you start to lose track of what products you actually have or you forgot that you have. I just reached that point a couple days ago, so I thought what better way to keep track of my stash than to take photos of them and share them with you on IG. So I present to you, the LoveYourSkin Year-end Stash Round-up! . First up: Cleansers . Opened products: @healavie__official Cleaning Oil Gel. My one and only oil cleanser. I feel it getting a bit light, so either I need to restock soon or try a new oil cleanser. I'm taking suggestions! I just need it to remove eye makeup well too! @freshbeauty Soy Face Cleanser. This cleanser has spoiled me, I don't even like to try new cleansers anymore as this one is just so nice. I have a full-size back-up not pictured in my stash. @amorepacific.official Treatment Cleansing Foam. I tried this cleanser for about a week, and found it too stripping even for my oily skin. Then I found out that the pH level of this cleanser is between 7 and 8, which explains the stripping...Should I just use it up as a shower gel? @caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water. While I liked how gentle this cleanser is, I had to use a lot of product to remove my makeup completely; I must've just used this 30ml around 5 times and it's almost empty. Considering a 200ml bottle is $34 CAD, it's quite pricey for a cleanser that likely won't last very long. @sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. I got this because it's like a dupe of the much more expensive Lancome Bi-ficil Eye Makeup Remover, but I actually stopped using it since I started using an oil cleanser. It is handy though for the more stubborn mascaras. . Unopened products: @sundayriley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. I'm not sure when I'll get around to trying this, maybe take it on a trip? Those who uses it, how do you like it? @olehenriksen The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser. Same as above. I may give this a try in a summer, but curious as to whether anyone knows what is the pH of this cleanser?

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Officially obsessed ❤️ If you read the Sephora reviews on this cologne, some disliked it because they said it smells like old lady floral perfume but it smells anything but that to me. It’s floral but with a hint of spiciness and I have nothing quite like it! Or maybe I am officially an old lady hence I like old lady perfume.... (Product received courtesy of @glamsense ) . . . . . . . . #bblogger #bblogger s #bblogger s ca #rogergallet #cologne #fragrance #perfume #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k #instagood #discovery #unique #beauty #instablog ger #instablog #perfume one #perfume collection #sephora #glamsense

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